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Lake Texoma Fishing Report – AWESOME Top Water Striper Fishing!

Lake Texoma Fishing Report – “AWESOME Top Water Striper Fishing”

Texoma Top Water Striper Fishing season is officially OPEN. The arrival of consistently warm weather has stimulated striper appetites to a frenzy. Anglers and Guides agree, “Texoma is experiencing  Awesome Top Water Striper Fishing.”

Texoma was so clear yesterday that anglers could see shad schooling deep in the water. Then the stripers started “attacking” top water lures right off the edge of the boat.  Fish were hitting so hard that they were launching themselves up out of the water!

The shallows are the place to be now. There you will find fish just boiling the surface of the water. The Cordell Pencil Popper will be be your plug of choice – just cast your plug then reel with a jerk of the rod and get ready. The motion of the ‘Popper simulates a crippled bait fish – irresistible action to stripers. Read the rest of this entry »

Lake Texoma Fishing Report – Striper Fishing is PHENOMENAL

Another great week for Lake Texoma Striper Fishing – it is phenomenal! Our average temperatures are 20 degrees above normal. The striper fishing has been nothing short of WORLD CLASS.

Now let’s check on your local striper fishing forecast for the Lake Texoma area. Highs today are in the 60’s. We’ll have some clear skies with south winds 10 to 15 miles per hour. Striper Express has fishing charters all week and the weather is looking good. The big fish are biting. We are using Road Runner jigs and sassy shad soft plastic lures. The artificial lures are the sporting way to target the larger fish.

Let’s talk Tuesday. Tomorrow the low is 40 degrees in the morning. We will have southerly winds warming us up to 55 by our 11:00 am board and depart to go fishing. We are expecting more big stripers. It’s time to go fishing. Read the rest of this entry »

Lake Texoma Fishing Report – BIG Texoma Striper Fishing!

January is the best time for BIG Lake Texoma Striper Fishing. HOLY MOLY they are large!

The winter season has crept into the North Texas area a bit. Fortunately, the cooler temperatures in January have turned on the big fish bite.

The Lake Texoma Striper Fishing is year round and has been so good that the StriperExpress boats are catching some limits along with the bruisers. When I say bruisers I mean the knock-your-socks-of, hang-on-for-dear-life bruisers. Nothing better than finally exhaling after getting that dude into the boat… whew!

january best for big striped bass fishing

What a catch! Just one guided group this week!


How can this be?

Lake Texoma is a world class fishery for Striped Bass.  These Stripers are a cold water fish and they feed on shad even when the water temps are in the low 50 degrees. Adjustments are necessary and change occurs often so fishing daily keeps StriperExpress guide staff in touch and up to date. Read the rest of this entry »

Lake Texoma Fishing Report – December Striper Fishing “ON FIRE!”

Lake Texoma Fishing Report – Lake Texoma striper fishing is on fire! The word is out about our striper fishing shrine. Devout fishermen are now making pilgrimage to Lake Texoma .

On Lake Texoma we catch fish year ‘round. This December the striper fishing is awesome. My son Chris Carey, Pro-Guide and guide team leader with StriperExpress, worded it perfectly, “The fishing has been getting better every day, and now it’s as good as it gets.”  Chris and his team of striper fishing guides have been catching up to a hundred fish per day.

Twin 11 pounder striped bass caught in Lake Texoma

Twin 11-pound stripers.

“Best Fishing Trip Ever”
That’s what Terry Neugin from Amarillo, Texas had to say. Terry is one of our customers that has caught the Lake Texoma striper fishing bug. He and a group came in for some December striper fishing this week.  They have been on several fishing trips to Lake Texoma just this year. “Now I have fished every season on the Big T and have never had a bad day. I love it!”

Let’s Try An Experiment
For two days Terry’s group had been catching fish in the river channel, chasing deep-water schooling fish under the seagulls. For their third and final day of their striper fishing adventure Chris said “Let’s try something new today”.

Chris tied on Moe’s Nanna Shad soft plastics on a three-quarter-ounce jig head for each angler.  He had figured out that the sand bass and stripers were stacked in coves and creek channels.

The group motored to the back of a marina and caught 28 sand bass and 17 stripers in an hour. This is a wonderful lake!

While moving to another sheltered cove Chris spotted a hundred seagulls wheeling and feeding on shad. They were just a bit out from the south shore in the open lake. Abandoning the cove and creek strategy, he positioned the boat upwind of the airborne flock. Then he set up a drift above a HUGE school of fish.

The digital fishfinder showed a perfect picture – stripers forty-foot thick within the submerged river channel boundaries. Everyone grabbed a rod rigged with a two-ounce slab while the stripers continued their voracious feeding. Cast lures couldn’t hit the bottom without a strike. All heck broke loose with rod-bending and line-stripping action!

The State Of Striper Fishing
Catching and releasing fish after fish, they drifted and drifted with multiple hookups most of the time. The striper feeding frenzy ended only when the drifting boat reached the far shore.

One of the fishermen noticed and said “We never even started the motor! How far did we drift?”
Over three miles” came the answer.

They had found their schooling stripers at the Texas shore and fished them all the way to Oklahoma.

I love this lake” said  Mr. Nuegin.

Bill’s Striper Fishing Tip: Analog Beats Digital.  Fishfinders that is. Digital fishfinders are great for confirming fish in the space below your boat. Analog fishfinders – seagulls, herons, etc. –  show a guide from miles away exactly where the boat needs to be to use that digital finder.



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Lake Texoma Fishing Guides Report – “Blue Bird” Striper Fishing

Lake Texoma Striper Fishing Guide Bill CareyTo a striper fishing guide a “Blue Bird Day”  has cloudless sky, dead calm water, and there is not a puff of wind.

Normally we’d be cussin’ a Blue Bird Day.

Lake Texoma Fishing Guides know you have to hunt these magnificent stripers. For the last two weeks we have experienced some fantastic striper fishing action in the afternoon. It has been so good that we have changed our board and depart times to 11 a.m. This works out perfect. It’s an easy drive for our customers when they don’t have to wake so early. When it’s a cool day a little solar heat on your back never hurts. Hence, the solution to the “Blue Bird” day. This is November striper fishing at its best. We have large schools of stripers working under the birds (seagulls). It’s simple, cast your jig let it fall, begin reeling, and HOLD ON.

Lots of Big Ones
Lake Texoma fall striper fishing is in full swing. Steve Strasemeier brought in six anglers for three days this week.
He said:

“Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday we caught over 200 fish. The weather was fantastic! The light wind was cool and warming that afternoon. Striper Express’, Chris, Jimmy, and John provided the fantastic fishing and great experience. I thought last year was as good as it gets but this year topped it. Heck we caught and released 30 stripers that were over 10 pounds! If you can, get to Lake Texoma now!”

The Secret Is Out
In November, when lots of people are in the deer blind there is a certain type of outdoorsman. The fisherman is on a personal quest to wrestle the infamous Lake Texoma striped bass. So much of a quest, that we have had 108 fishermen on 28 charters in the last seven days. All of us together have met adversity head on and conquered the “Blue Bird” fishing days.

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