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Topwater Texoma Striper Fishing – “INSANE!”

The Topwater Bite Is On At Lake Texoma!
Bill Carey – Topwater Texoma striper fishing was prime today. A cool front was on the way this morning. The barometer was on the fall and the big stripers moved into the shallow water to feed. Perfect striper fishing weather with good cloud cover and a nice chop on the water.

Randy Wadell, Amarillo TX, October 25 wi Lake Texoma Striper Guides StriperExpressRandy Waddell from Amarillo, Texas got lucky.
He made a long cast with his Pencil Popper plug and when he made the second pop of the plug, Kaboom! A big striper inhaled the plug, ran straight at us and went under the boat.

Randy ran to the stern, cleared the motor with his rod as the monster fish reached the end of the slack line. The 7’ Castaway Mag Medium bent and the reel’s drag started screaming peeling off the 20-pound Trilene mono. Randy was ready and as soon as the fish slowed down he began reeling the fish. Give and take, the fight was on.

This fish was mean.
Randy had his hands full. Several tense minutes seemed to last an eternity.  We all gasped when the huge fish was at the side of the boat and we hauled him up with a dip net. This magnificent fish was a warrior.

I asked Randy how he liked Texoma top water striper fishing. He replied, “My Dad brought me striper fishing twice before. We caught a bunch of fish on live bait and I thought the 10-pounders we caught were huge.”

“I didn’t know we were going to fish this way today (with lures).”

“THIS is INSANE! I can’t wait to come back”


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Vicious Bites and Extreme Fights! – Texoma Striper Fishing

Texoma Striper Fishing Guide Bill Carey

Texoma Striper Fishing Guide Bill Carey

No, it’s not “Desperate Housewives of Whatever”, it’s fat and sassy Texoma Striper Fishing!

The fall striper fishing on Lake Texoma is in full swing.  When I last reported, I said the top-water striper fishing was maybe the best in years. I wasn’t kidding! And it continues to be above our expectations.

Go Early or Go Late
, But GO
Early mornings and late evenings, just as in hunting, big striped bass are exploding on top-water plugs.  Every day we have been casting large top-water lures on the shallow banks.  The big ones are in shallow water for only one reason and that is to feed.  Whether you are an experienced fisher person or a novice, this is fishing at its best!

Amazing Top Water Fishing 

Most of our Texoma striper fishing clients have been coming in with reports of phenomenal catches.  Somedays, the fish will bang on Pencil Popper plugs almost like they see it coming.  Then, you will have a day when the fish slap the plug with their tail and knock it two to three feet out of the water.

TIP: When Texoma Stripers tail-smack your lure, slightly twitch the plug and make it rattle.
“BOOM!”, the fish finds it, and the fight is ON!

Catch Giant Stripers In The Fall

Just this morning, we sent two boats out and you would have had to be there to believe it.  Eight fishermen using top-water lures caught and released twenty four big striped bass weighing up to eighteen pounds.

The top-water lure striper fishing lasts for about two hours, and then around nine o’clock we change our fishing technique – it’s time to follow the seagulls.

Seagull Fish Finder
Every fall, thousands of seagulls arrive to spend the winter.  They are your best fish finder.  The hungry bass will push shad (the food forage) to the surface.  Then seagulls fly in and dip up the shad.

We position our boats with the birds and the fish coming towards us.  Then we cast soft plastic jigs.  Multiple hook-ups are common with everyone on board fighting a fish at the same time.

Want A Striper Express T-Shirt ?
You’re in luck! Book a weekday Texoma striper fishing charter in October, then follow us on Google+ (StriperExpressFan), and everyone in your party will receive a complimentary StriperExpress T-shirt.

It’s our pleasure and our way of giving back. Join us and experience the fantastic fall bass fishing at Lake Texoma.

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Lake Texoma Fishing Report October – Big Fish On Texoma’s Banks

Texoma Striper Fishing Guide Bill Carey

Texoma Striper Fishing Guide Bill Carey

Big fish are on the banks early in the mornings in October.

Cast Pencil Poppers and big Chug Bugs for vicious strikes in shallow water.

Mid-morning change your lures to four inch sassy shad on a one ounce jighead. Favorite colors are white-glow and chartreuse fleck.

Always keep your eyes on the seagulls. They can locate schools of stripers roaming in open water.


Lake Texoma Striper Guide Bill Carey provides personal, up-to-the-minute Lake Texoma Fishing Reports. Click Here to Call Bill Now!

  • Hotspot: North Island and Tabletop
  • GPS: N 33.867867 , W -96.694533
  • Best Baits: Topwater plugs and Sassy Shad jigs
  • Bank Access: Washita Point and Platter Flats

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Lake Texoma – Best Summer Striper Fishing in Years

Bigfish by Striper ExpressWhat a summer it has been up here on Lake Texoma or the big pond as we locals like to call it. The summer striper fishing has been way above our expectations. This wonderful lake never ceases to amaze me time and time again. Many of the guides and locals agree that the Big T (Lake Texoma) is poised to have another big run.

We have been fishing a lot and wanted to take time and thank all the customers that fished with StriperExpress this summer. We can’t do it without you!

June and July fishing blew us away.  Good top water most days and even better slab-fest catching.  Rippin Lips in deep water for quality and quantity.

How about this August fishing? The isolated summer thunder boomers have triggered a lake wide top water bite. About every 2 weeks, just about the time you’re ready to “crow” the stripers will show you who the boss is.  We will have that tricky, bluebird dink catching day, but not this month!  The fishing has been awesome.  Lots of double digit fish with the largest this week weighing over 20 lbs. Top water at first light then off to the slab-fest.  Yesterday we caught and released 65 stripers and tossed back 12 overs up to 10 pounds.  The fish caught on slabs are running up to 1-4 pounds.

We are past the hottest weather of the summer.  The big stripers are roaming the shallows early in the mornings ready to crush bait.  Fall fishing is about to begin and we are ready.  I wonder, if the striper fishing can be this good right now how good will it be come December?

Now is the time to book your fishing adventure. Check out our Cast & Blast offer. Legendary striper fishing and hunt the premier flyway for Dove and Waterfowl at Lake Texoma.

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