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Lake Texoma – Everyone’s Playground

Striper Express Customer

Lake Texoma was born into history when Denison Dam was completed in 1944. Damming up the confluence of the Red and Washita rivers, created this 90,000-acre lake. The Red River Valley is full of history from the great cattle drives on the Preston Trail to stories of Davy Crockett, Jesse James, immigrant settlers, cowboys and Indians.

Lake Texoma Fishing Unrivaled
One of the biggest attractions to Lake Texoma is the exceptional fishing. Texas Parks and Wildlife regional biologist Bruce Highsmith summed it all up when he said; “Texoma is today probably the finest fishery in the nation. It has everything, both large and small mouth bass, world record blue catfish and
the best striper fishing in the world”.

The striped bass is the fish that the majority of fishermen opt for. Stripers were first stocked in Lake Texoma in 1965. Texoma naturally sustains an incredible striped bass population. Along with the best-documented natural spawn in the nation, Lake Texoma boasts a liberal limit of fish at 10 per angler. There are several ways to catch stripers. You can troll, use live bait and cast artificial lures for the fish.

Bass Are Plentiful
Striped bass are plentiful and considered some of the best table fare of all freshwater species. Because of the popularity of striper fishing, there is an abundance of professional Lake Texoma fishing guides to choose from. StriperExpress is one of the oldest and most reputable Lake Texoma fishing guide services.  The fish bite year-round’ and have seasonal patterns that make for a great experience anytime you can go.

In addition to the excellent fishing, camping and boating there is a bonus awaiting you at Texoma. BALD EAGLES! Every year as many as 250 bald eagles pick Texoma as their winter home. These majestic birds can be spotted all over the lake and below the dam. Some of the hens have wingspans up to 10 feet across. Bring your camera and zoom lens for some great photos.

Year in and year out, Lake Texoma is one of the favorite recreational destinations. For over 65 years people have been enjoying this huge border lake. We invite you to come and enjoy Lake Texoma. You can contact any of the local marinas or the many Chamber of Commerce offices for more information.

For more information about our wonderful lake or to book a guided fishing trip with us, click the check availability button below.

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