Lake Texoma Fishing Guides

Lake Texoma Striper Guides – JIMMY HOUSTON and CHRIS CAREY Striper Fishing Lake Texoma Part 2

Lake Texoma Striper Guides – Jimmy Houston and Chris Carey Fishing Lake Texoma

The Big Fish Season

Striper Fishing on Lake Texoma – Texas Parks and Wildlife Video – Jan 20, 2014

Larry Hodge, from Texas Parks and Wildlife, fished Lake Texoma with Chris Carey of Striper Express.

This rockin’ music fishing video Larry created shows stripers in, out of, above, and below Texoma’s waters.

Chris tells us about fishing “nice” big stripers around and above tree stumps.

Turn the volume up and Hold On to your ears…

Our thanks to Larry Hodge, his lovely wife the video editor, and Texas Parks and Wildlife
for providing this footage.


Text of  enthusiastic Narration by Chris Carey follows:
((music)) [voice of Chris Carey]
There’s a creek channel that runs behind this island over here, and there’s a stump
field on the edge of that island coming up out of the river. This time of year all the
nice stripers are tending to be around those stumps, because shad are hiding around them.
We’ll be working this stump field and bumping Roadrunners right over the top of the stumps.
Sometimes people think in the winter you drag the bait. Actually, you swim the bait right
above the stumps, so the fish will come up and get it. If you drag, you’re going to
catch the stump. We’re going to fish stumps all day long this time of year. Everywhere
we go we’re either going to catch a fish, or hang up, or hopefully, both.

Topwater Texoma Striper Fishing – “INSANE!”

The Topwater Bite Is On At Lake Texoma!
Bill Carey – Topwater Texoma striper fishing was prime today. A cool front was on the way this morning. The barometer was on the fall and the big stripers moved into the shallow water to feed. Perfect striper fishing weather with good cloud cover and a nice chop on the water.

Randy Wadell, Amarillo TX, October 25 wi Lake Texoma Striper Guides StriperExpressRandy Waddell from Amarillo, Texas got lucky.
He made a long cast with his Pencil Popper plug and when he made the second pop of the plug, Kaboom! A big striper inhaled the plug, ran straight at us and went under the boat.

Randy ran to the stern, cleared the motor with his rod as the monster fish reached the end of the slack line. The 7’ Castaway Mag Medium bent and the reel’s drag started screaming peeling off the 20-pound Trilene mono. Randy was ready and as soon as the fish slowed down he began reeling the fish. Give and take, the fight was on.

This fish was mean.
Randy had his hands full. Several tense minutes seemed to last an eternity.  We all gasped when the huge fish was at the side of the boat and we hauled him up with a dip net. This magnificent fish was a warrior.

I asked Randy how he liked Texoma top water striper fishing. He replied, “My Dad brought me striper fishing twice before. We caught a bunch of fish on live bait and I thought the 10-pounders we caught were huge.”

“I didn’t know we were going to fish this way today (with lures).”

“THIS is INSANE! I can’t wait to come back”


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