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Lake Texoma Fishing Report – AWESOME Top Water Striper Fishing!

Lake Texoma Fishing Report – “AWESOME Top Water Striper Fishing”

Texoma Top Water Striper Fishing season is officially OPEN. The arrival of consistently warm weather has stimulated striper appetites to a frenzy. Anglers and Guides agree, “Texoma is experiencing  Awesome Top Water Striper Fishing.”

Texoma was so clear yesterday that anglers could see shad schooling deep in the water. Then the stripers started “attacking” top water lures right off the edge of the boat.  Fish were hitting so hard that they were launching themselves up out of the water!

The shallows are the place to be now. There you will find fish just boiling the surface of the water. The Cordell Pencil Popper will be be your plug of choice – just cast your plug then reel with a jerk of the rod and get ready. The motion of the ‘Popper simulates a crippled bait fish – irresistible action to stripers.

Top Water Striper Fishing
What can you say about top water striper fishing?  It truly is the ultimate technique for catching bass that will bend your rod double and every yard of line off your reel.

Going out at first light and catching a top water fish is one magnificent way to start the day.  The sunrise is beautiful and the air so crisp you can taste it.  Then all heck breaks loose. Shad start surface schooling around your boat – stripers are driving them into a tight knot at the water’s surface and the shad frantically try to escape the hungry predators.

Stripers are ferocious feeders. Today the fish were knocking bait 3 feet out of the water while running a school towards the bank.  Anglers aboard our boats were having multiple hook-ups during the catching frenzy. It happens so fast there is no time to stow the caught fish – they cover the deck of the boat. Later we practice catch and release. Fast and furious would be an understatement.

Another Awesome Striper Fishing Day
Today’s charter trips had another perfect catching day. “We couldn’t get the fish out of the water fast enough; they were one right after another. We lost count there was so many striped bass!!” says Thomas Jones from California. ”Once we got the hang of it THE RACE WAS ON!  I caught a 15-pound fish and let it go!” The excitement in the voice of these anglers just gets your blood pumping. You can only imagine the angler’s campfire stories tonight. “Top water fishing is something else. Now I know why they call Lake Texoma the striped bass capital of the world.”


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