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Lake Texoma Fishing Report: “PERSONAL BEST” Striper Fishing NOW

Lake Texoma Fishing Report Question: What is the best time for your “Personal Best” Striper Fishing Trip? Depending on the will of the striper fishing gods, the answer probably is RIGHT NOW.

Mike Stewart, Terry Nuegin and three friends from the Panhandle arrived before dawn to find threatening clouds and the wind blowing like stink. Safety is a major factor with guides and crazy winds can make Lake Texoma very mean. “With the wind this strong before sunrise, we may have to make a safety call. But let’s give it a try anyway” Captain Chris Carey told the five fishermen.

Well out of the harbor at first light, they drifted and cast Chug Bugs onto the shallow banks. The fishing was going well with a dozen stripers hooked and exploding with a vengeance. Great strikes and fights came from 5 to 9-pound stripers who were attracted by 5-inch Big Bugs in chartreuse and chrome.

chris carey lake texoma striper guides

Captain Chris Carey With Beautiful Topwater Striper Catch

The boat drifted too shallow and there was no choice but to start the engine and move. Ordinarily you wouldn’t leave such a productive spot but Captain Chris spotted something exciting in the distance. Two blue herons hovered far out on the main lake.

Lake Texoma Fishing Report SPECIAL NOTE: Just to remind those who haven’t read all my columns: herons and gulls are better fish finders than the electronic ones, and they work at a distance. If you know how to read ‘em, that is.

So Carey spotted the birds way out, and then saw something far more remarkable – foot-long gizzard shad flying out of the water!

Now if the shad are a foot long, you know that whatever is chasing them is going to be outrageously large.  So the choice was made to abandon the shallow bank.

Hundreds of monster stripers had pushed the big shad to the surface and beyond. Quickly motoring to the middle of Texoma, Mike, Terry and their friends were soon above a school of potential “Personal Best” Stripers. And they were so hungry it was a feeding frenzy. Captain Chris said “the monsters were surfacing all around the boat with splashes that looked like bowling balls were dropping from the sky!”

For over 45 minutes the school of monster fish were chasing and feeding on gizzard shad at the water’s surface. Thirteen fish in the range from 14 to 22 pounds were caught. The largest fought for 15 minutes and thrashed a 20lb. monofilament line before being boated.

Captain Chris said the monsters were continuously surfacing around the boat during the epic battle. Needless to say all the rods will need to be re-spooled with new mono for tomorrow’s anglers.

Captain Chris said “Today rated in the Top FIve Catches of my 20-year career. The sheer amount of BIG stripers in such a short time was crazy!”


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