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Lake Texoma Fishing Report – “Stripers ATTACKED Us!”

Lake Texoma Striper Fishing Guide Bill Carey

Capt. Bill Carey – Texoma Striper Guide since 1983.

Is this Moby Dick? or Jaws? Anaconda?

Nope, not at all. Today the Real Striper Fishermen of Lake Texoma  present the Lake Texoma Fishing Report in their own words

Actual quotes from enthusiastic fishermen about the summer striper fishing follow:


We Were Attacked!
Lake Texoma Fishing Report – Jeff O’Neal from Fort Worth TX:

“The striper’s attacked us! Our striper guide was cruising the lake and watching his fish finder the whole time. All of the sudden he said ‘Here they are men, get ready! Drop your slabs and when you hit bottom, reel them straight up. Hold on tight!’

“Myself and four buddies dropped our slab lures in the water. Immediately, we had FIVE fish on. The stripers were hungry and they were inhaling the lure before it made it to the bottom. Two hours of extreme CHAOS!  We had so many fish on we were crossing fishing rods and climbing over each other. Whooping and hollering the whole time.”

“Big stripers!  Mean stripers! The fish would strike hard. Bending the rods and the drag adjustment on our reels were screaming. These stripers fight from the moment they strike the lure and never give up. Shaking their heads and pulling hard, fighting you all the way to the boat.”

“I have never seen anything like this ever in my life!”


Top Water Bliss

Lake Texoma Fishing Report – Rick Webb and 16 year old son Colt from Greeley, CO:

 The top water fishing is unbelievable.Colt caught his first striper ever, and together we caught forty stripers. Colt said “My left arm is sore. It was an absolute blast!”

“Every cast was a big striper. As fast as we could release the fish and cast, another monster fish would crash on the top water plug. This was top water bliss. We are ”chomping at the bit” to get back.”


The Striper Fishing was Ridiculous!

Lake Texoma Fishing Report – Scott Fittz from Dallas:

“The fishing was ridiculous today! We’ve been fishing with Striper Express for several years and our charter this week was off the charts.”

“Deep water slab fishing for huge stripers is awesome. The fish strike so hard they almost take the rod out of your hands.  My boss and and an important client were ecstatic! FYI, if you have clients that like to fish. You’ve just found the best sales tool ever – striper fishing is valuable one-on-one time with your clients.”


Insane Fishing!

Lake Texoma Fishing Report – Jeff Somers of Fort Worth TX:

“This was stranger than my alien abduction!”

“I was fishing in the front seat of the boat and using my cell phone. Then all heck broke loose behind me. My friends were laughing and grunting as every one of them got a fish online. Then when a striper inhaled my slab. The fish was thrashing, a dip net went flying, and my phone slipped off my chin”

“I thought I was in the safe zone sitting on the bow seat but I was wrong. I see why the guide brings two dip nets.

“This striper fishing is insane!”



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