Lake Texoma Fishing Report

Lake Texoma Fishing Report – Striper Fishing Stays STRONG

Striper Fishing Stays STRONG – Lake Texoma Fishing Report

Ted Ford Lake Texoma Striper FishingDecember was great striper fishing on Lake Texoma and January follows suit. There is a very active bite with many large stripers caught.

January has had more than a few “big catching” days also. A “big catching day’ for a Lake Texoma striper guide is one where boats limit out and lots of hooked stripers are released back into the water.

Wall-Hanger Time
These winter months are when the striped bass gain weight and are at their heaviest of the year. Now you have a chance at trophy fish that can be up to and over twenty pounds. Now that’s a beast! Will you be one of the lucky anglers who lands that once-in-a-lifetime monster?

Best Winter Striper Fishing Lures
Winter striper fishing requires a changes in technique and in equipment.
Currently Lake Texoma is at 43-45 degrees. When water is this cold the striper’s preferred snack, shad, go into a sort of suspended animation. Their metabolism slows down and they don’t swim much.

Recognizing this our smart Lake Texoma fishing guides have adjusted their techniques. Depending on the day, half our striper guides are casting on structure and half are deadsticking.

moes dead head jig with asassin flukes

Moes Dead Head Jig with Asassin Flukes

Deadsticking is a winter striper fishing technique.  We use deadsticking on open water whether the fish are suspended, or, close to the bottom. Our favorite deadsticking striper lure is Moe’s Dead Head jig.

The Dead Head is just the best! It is exactly balanced so the jig stays horizontal in the water when not moving. This natural, level position is precisely what stripers look for about now.


laketexoma fishing guide yellow bucktail roadrunner 1oz

Blakemore Bucktail RoadRunner 1oz.

Casting on structure means focusing on main lake points, humps and creeks. Our go-to striper fishing lure is the Blakemore Bucktail RoadRunner jig.

The Bucktail RoadRunner is designed to fish low and slow for the biggest fish of the year. This jig has a unique shape, like a horse head, and a great spinner blade for some added flash in darker waters.

Both techniques and both lures work because they exploit the behavior of stripers main food source  in  the cold lake water temperature. Both techniques are productive with lots of 10-pound plus fish being caught daily.

We Know Where The Fish Are
A select group of fishermen come to us in the winter months.  Our professional Lake Texoma fishing guides know the behavior of striped bass during every season. They’ve put in lifetimes learning whether fish are in the rocks, in the sand, on the stumps or gravel beds, and at what depth they are feeding.

Our knowledgeable Lake Texoma striper guides will put you on the fish. Come to Texoma and let us show you…

Written by Bill Carey
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Lake Texoma Fishing Report – Winter Striper Fishing is AWESOME

Alan Garcia and friends with BIG winter-caught Texoma stripers

Alan Garcia and friends winter striper fishing on Lake Texoma.

Lake Texoma Fishing Report

Winter is the best time for BIG fish. And big Texoma stripers are on a rampage!
The water temperature has cooled and Lake Texoma striper fishing has heated up.
Striper Express vessels fished every day before the recent ice storm, and are back on the water today.

Stripers bite year round and are most comfortable in the winter months.
When the largemouth bass, speckled trout and redfish are lethargic, the striper fishing is on fire. When Hunters are going through withdrawal and having cabin fever, these fighting “line sides” are calling your name.

Just before the last weather change, reports of 50 fish per day were becoming more common. Our customers were catching some nice fish up to 15 pounds. Lots of “overs.” Allow me to explain, “overs” are 20 plus-inch stripers that we release after you have filled your big fish limit. When you luck into a 30” striper, you just landed a hefty 17 pound fish.

Many serious fisher folk can’t wait for the superb winter striper fishing on Lake Texoma. They come for the big fish – and I mean BIG – line stripping and rod bending monsters!

Do you like the sounds of this so far?  Striper fishing with lures separates fisher-men from fisher-boys. We take a lot of pride in offering this special technique exclusively.  It puts you in the game from the get go. You are engaged catching, fighting and landing fish – the sporting way!

You will catch most of your fish with 4-5 inch white-glo Sassy Shad, soft plastic with a 1 ounce white jig head. The go-to big fish bait is the Blakemore Buck Tail RoadRunner. A secret tip is to put a 9 inch white soft plastic worm on the hook and use a garlic scent attractant. Big bait = Big fish!

Striper fishing with lures is so much fun that fishing celebrity Jimmy Houston will soon film his RoadRunner show with the help of Striper Express.

Oh Boy! Contact us today at [email protected] and don’t miss the fantastic winter striper fishing.

Written by Bill Carey
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Texoma Striper Fishing On A Sunny Sunday In December

jeffringness with texoma striper fishing result

Jeff Ringness – Pottsboro TX

Jeff Ringness of Pottsboro Texas, went Texoma striper fishing with us on a sunny Sunday in December. This is the first fish Jeff has caught in over fifteen years. It is whopping 10 pound 9 ounce striper caught in fifteen foot of water. Jeff was using an ICE colored Zoom soft plastic lure on a three-quarter ounce jig head. Way to go Jeff!


Written by Bill Carey
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Lake Texoma Fishing Guides Report – NOON TODAY 12 December

Lake Texoma Fishing Guides

Great success reported today by our Texoma striper fishing guides!

lake texoma fishing guides

Shane Purcell and his 15lb winter-caught striper.

Capt. Dave met his customers and launched 10:30am. Dave just reported they located a big school of stripers that has moved onto a long shallow point.

In the last 2 hours they have captured 30 stripers up to 14 pounds. He even has “the one that got away” story!

Evidently a client hooked a trophy-sized striper and never turned the fish. That means the fish was too strong to reel in. Often it breaks your fishing line or runs all your line off your reel. All you can-do is hold on!

And It Keeps Getting Better! The weatherman just forecast we will have 60 degree days next week.

HOO-BOY, Make your reservation now!

CALL US (903) 786-4477

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Lake Texoma Fishing Guides Report – Fall Striper Fishing On Lake Texoma “Best”

Lake Texoma Fishing Guides Report

Fall striper fishing on Lake Texoma is “the best of the best” – Ron Shelton.


lake texoma fishing guide chris carey“We come a lot, but always in November and December for the big fish!” Shelton said.

Ron, from Ewing Irrigation, entertains his clients with striper fishing on Lake Texoma several times a year. Just yesterday, he hosted eighteen fishermen who caught over 200 (two hundred) stripers.

They reported catching and releasing numerous ten-pound stripers. We provided a tournament-style weigh-in complete with prizes. Then everyone sat down to a catered fish-fry shore lunch. What could be better?

Many serious anglers agree that November and December are their favorite Lake Texoma striper fishing months. While lots of people are deer hunting, this select group is on Texoma, catching big stripers.

Texoma Stripers Bite All Day

For my money striped bass are the strongest fighting fish in freshwater. Originally a coastal ocean species, they are most comfortable in the cool water (around 66 degrees) that November and December provide.

This time of year Texoma stripers bite from early till late. They are voracious feeders, thrashing shad and putting on weight straight through the Fall months. Big bruisers will tip the scales at twenty pounds and more.

The all-day bite pays benefits for fall anglers in a variety of ways. We currently run our charters from about 10:30AM till well into the afternoon. Oklahoma and North Texas anglers can get up at a normal time. They drive to the Lake and still catch fish till their arms are sore! An added benefit of the mid-day start is viewing the clear, sunny, beauty of this area.

Fall Brings A Secret Striper Weapon

Trade in your sonar, Fall brings us the best striper finder available! Thousands of seagulls migrate to Lake Texoma and make it their winter home. Just like striper, a seagull’s favorite meal is shad – a minnow-like baitfish.

Seagulls can spot the silver flash of baitfish deep in the water and will fly circles over the area. From below, the stripers will herd shad, pushing them to the surface where a striper/seagull feeding frenzy begins.

With a good pair of binoculars you can see the birds flying from quite a distance. If you see the seagulls circling and diving… well then you’ve found yourself a hoard of the infamous Lake Texoma stripers.

Lake Texoma Parade

TJ Landandau with his 22lb Texoma Striper

TJ Landandau with his 22lb Texoma Striper

It’s the Lake Texoma parade:

  • - stripers school-up and roam the lake looking for their favorite meal;
  • - seagulls flock to feed on shad that stripers have corralled at the water’s surface;
  • - Striper Express guides note the seagulls then race to the hot action!



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