Lake Texoma Fishing Report

Lake Texoma Fishing Guides Report – Fall Striper Fishing On Lake Texoma “Best”

Lake Texoma Fishing Guides Report

Fall striper fishing on Lake Texoma is “the best of the best” – Ron Shelton.


lake texoma fishing guide chris carey“We come a lot, but always in November and December for the big fish!” Shelton said.

Ron, from Ewing Irrigation, entertains his clients with striper fishing on Lake Texoma several times a year. Just yesterday, he hosted eighteen fishermen who caught over 200 (two hundred) stripers.

They reported catching and releasing numerous ten-pound stripers. We provided a tournament-style weigh-in complete with prizes. Then everyone sat down to a catered fish-fry shore lunch. What could be better?

Many serious anglers agree that November and December are their favorite Lake Texoma striper fishing months. While lots of people are deer hunting, this select group is on Texoma, catching big stripers.

Texoma Stripers Bite All Day

For my money striped bass are the strongest fighting fish in freshwater. Originally a coastal ocean species, they are most comfortable in the cool water (around 66 degrees) that November and December provide.

This time of year Texoma stripers bite from early till late. They are voracious feeders, thrashing shad and putting on weight straight through the Fall months. Big bruisers will tip the scales at twenty pounds and more.

The all-day bite pays benefits for fall anglers in a variety of ways. We currently run our charters from about 10:30AM till well into the afternoon. Oklahoma and North Texas anglers can get up at a normal time. They drive to the Lake and still catch fish till their arms are sore! An added benefit of the mid-day start is viewing the clear, sunny, beauty of this area.

Fall Brings A Secret Striper Weapon

Trade in your sonar, Fall brings us the best striper finder available! Thousands of seagulls migrate to Lake Texoma and make it their winter home. Just like striper, a seagull’s favorite meal is shad – a minnow-like baitfish.

Seagulls can spot the silver flash of baitfish deep in the water and will fly circles over the area. From below, the stripers will herd shad, pushing them to the surface where a striper/seagull feeding frenzy begins.

With a good pair of binoculars you can see the birds flying from quite a distance. If you see the seagulls circling and diving… well then you’ve found yourself a hoard of the infamous Lake Texoma stripers.

Lake Texoma Parade

TJ Landandau with his 22lb Texoma Striper

TJ Landandau with his 22lb Texoma Striper

It’s the Lake Texoma parade:

  • – stripers school-up and roam the lake looking for their favorite meal;
  • – seagulls flock to feed on shad that stripers have corralled at the water’s surface;
  • – Striper Express guides note the seagulls then race to the hot action!



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Lake Texoma Fishing Guides Report – Friday 13th LUCKY For Striper Fishing

Lake Texoma Fishing Guides Report

Lake Texoma Striper Fishing Guide Bill Carey

Striper Guide Bill Carey

Josh Knight from McKinney and two other anglers, Mike and Henley from the east coast, went striper fishing on a Friday morning. A Friday-the-Thirteenth kind of Friday morning.

Unlucky you say? Teamed up with the best in Lake Texoma fishing guides, Chris Carey, Friday the 13th was very unlucky – for the stripers!

Problem – Too Many Big Stripers
“We started off catching big stripers on topwater lures,” says Knight. “We caught so many big fish we had to throw a lot of them back. We just wore them out.” Josh estimates the fish on average were 8-9 pounds.

“We had 2 or 3 that were in double digits, up to 12 pounds. At the end of the day, to stay within our limit, we had to throw back twenty (20) fish.” Only two striped bass over 20 inches can be kept.

After about an hour-and-a-half of arm-aching big fish action, the fish went down. Carey moved them to another location where he knew there were some smaller fish so the anglers could fill out their limits.

Topwater Striper Fishing Lures
Josh, Mike and Henley were throwing standard Pencil Poppers in a variety of colors, including green/white, white and yellow/white colors. “Color wasn’t important,” continued Knight. “They were just looking for the action on the water. You could have thrown a black one out there. The water was boiling all around us.”

It was just incredible. Little pops, they weren’t looking for big pops or big jumps, because the lure could get away from them.
They would just move on to something else. You had to keep them interested.

“We did catch a few fish on slabs after the first stop, just dropping them down to the bottom, lifting them up maybe 5-10 feet, same colors.”

Knight has been striper fishing on Lake Texoma since he was 18 years old. He’s in his 40s now. “I don’t like live bait fishing, just fishing with artificial lures. Chris and I immediately had this bond. Our fishing styles were the same. I found out that when Chris began guiding, the mentor that helped him get started was my old guide who had passed away” Knight said.

“I won’t go with anyone else. Chris Carey adjusts to each angler, makes the trip fun. Not only were we catching fish, but we were making friends and having a blast.”



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Lake Texoma Fishing Report – First-Timer Hooks A Monster

Lake Texoma Fishing Report – First-Timer Hooks A Monster

Lake Texoma Fishing Guides Report

Noel Hooks (yep, that really is his name) went striper fishing on Lake Texoma for the first time. His Lake Texoma Fishing Report in his words follows:

It was an experience of a lifetime. The first time I went striper fishing, I caught the biggest fish of my life.

We departed at 6:00 am and Capt. Chris Carey put us on the stripers at our first stop. We were dropping slabs to the bottom and reeling up fast. They call this technique “ripping slabs”.

We had great action and were catching a striper every few minutes. Capt. Chris experimented with a different retrieve technique and caught 3 stripers on as many retrieves. He instructed us to “drop your slab and on the retrieve reel twice and twitch the slab”. It was amazing how well this worked.

We were catching stripers left and right – double and triple hook ups. The rods were bending and our lines crossing each other. The striper fishing was insane! Read the rest of this entry »

Lake Texoma Fishing Report – The Topwater Bite Is ON!

Lake Texoma Fishing Report – The Topwater Bite Is ON!
Lake Texoma Topwater striper fishing is legendary.
In the summer months, you depart at dawn and head up the lake. It’s not calm for long. Your heart starts racing in anticipation of hunting those mean and hungry striped bass.

Get ready, it’s show time.


All Heck Breaks Loose

The stripers are waking up, they push the shad to the surface and a feeding frenzy begins. Hundreds of striped bass are splashing and thrashing on the water’s surface. You cast your Topwater plug, twitch and reel, hold on…These aggressive fish can’t refuse your offering.

“The catching was fast and furious with triple hook-ups. At one time we had so many fish being caught, it looked like Asian carp had invaded Lake Texoma”! said Aaron Zetterower from Dallas, TX. Read the rest of this entry »

Lake Texoma Fishing Report – “Stripers ATTACKED Us!”

Lake Texoma Striper Fishing Guide Bill Carey

Capt. Bill Carey – Texoma Striper Guide since 1983.

Is this Moby Dick? or Jaws? Anaconda?

Nope, not at all. Today the Real Striper Fishermen of Lake Texoma  present the Lake Texoma Fishing Report in their own words

Actual quotes from enthusiastic fishermen about the summer striper fishing follow:


We Were Attacked!
Lake Texoma Fishing Report – Jeff O’Neal from Fort Worth TX:

“The striper’s attacked us! Our striper guide was cruising the lake and watching his fish finder the whole time. All of the sudden he said ‘Here they are men, get ready! Drop your slabs and when you hit bottom, reel them straight up. Hold on tight!’ Read the rest of this entry »

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