Lake Texoma Fishing Report

Lake Texoma Fishing Report June – Spawn Over, Striper Schools Feed In A Frenzy

Striper Fishing Guide Bill Carey

Striper Fishing Guide Bill Carey

It is JUNE and the striped bass have finished their annual spawn. The fish are grouping up in large schools and roaming the lake in a feeding frenzy.

Early mornings, cast topwater plugs on shallow banks with deep-water near-by. There is nothing more exciting than having a big striper explode on your plug.

Mid mornings, tie on your 1.5-ounce chartreuse, chrome or white slabs.

Locate your large schools in the river channels and main lake areas. Drop your slab and let it free-fall to the bottom and reel it up quickly. Stay in contact with your slab, they will hit it on the fall.

By mid month, look for the traditional surfacing top water action in the same areas.

Lake Texoma Striper Guide Bill Carey provides personal, up-to-the-minute Lake Texoma Fishing Reports. Click Here to Call Bill Now!

  • Bank Access: Washita point and Texas Flats
  • Hotspot: The North End
  • GPS: N33 52.072’, W96 41.672’
  • Best Baits: Topwater plugs, slabs and jigs

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Top Water Striper Nirvana

Striper Fishing Guide Bill Carey

Top Water Striper Fishing Guide Bill Carey

All I can think about is topwater striper fishing at Lake Texoma!
If there is a season to pick as one of the best times to go fishing at Lake Texoma, you have to include the summer months.  The stripers have returned from their annual spawn.  They are hungry and attacking anything you throw at them.  The shad are spawning and this makes for some fantastic fishing.

Just today Chris Carey, my son and one the best Pro-Guides on Texoma, had a charter with four regular customers.  They went out at first light and had caught a dozen fish while casting the shallow banks.  The sunrise was beautiful and all were having a great time.  That’s when all heck broke loose.

A large school of stripers surrounded the boat.  This is a sight to be seen.  The shad were trying to escape the hungry stripers. Striped bass are schooling fish and ferocious feeders. The fish were knocking the bait 3 feet out of the water while running them towards the bank.  The anglers aboard were having multiple hook-ups during the catching frenzy.  Fish covered the deck of the boat.  Fast and furious would be an understatement.  Without another boat in sight, our group followed the school of stripers.  Within 3 hours the proud fishermen had kept 38 fish and released another 29 fish up to 12 pounds!

Jimmy Houston Striper Fishing Lake Texoma

TV Fishing Celeb and Pro-Angler Jimmy Houston

What can you say about topwater striper fishing?
It is truly the ultimate technique for catching rod-bending and line-stripping striped bass.   Jimmy Houston and I were fishing and I asked him  “Jimmy, what is your favorite type of fishing?” He answered; “What I’m doing right now.  Casting Cotton Cordell Pencil Poppers for topwater stripers at Lake Texoma.

World Class Fishing One Hour North of DFW
I have been fishing from Central America to Canada and I have lots of wonderful memories. However, I have yet to see a body of water that day in and day out and year in and year out produces catches like the big T. This lake is truly a natural phenomenon.   Lake Texoma is fortunate to have the best natural spawn of freshwater striped bass in the country.  Striped bass reproduce abundantly in Texoma. This great lake has twice the daily limit of any other lake in Texas; boasting a liberal limit of ten stripers per angler per day. It is truly a fisherman’s Nirvana and dream come true!

Fishing Things To Do
Wherever you are and whatever you do, you have to put Texoma top water striper fishing on your list of things to do.  We hold a deep passion for this great lake and it is our pleasure to see fishermen catch the legendary striped bass at Lake Texoma.

When you are ready for guaranteed excitement, Contact StriperExpress for your fishing adventure!

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Lake Texoma Fishing Report May – Topwater Striper Season Under Way

Striper Fishing Guide Bill Carey

Striper Fishing Guide Bill Carey

MAY signals the start of topwater lure action on Lake Texoma.

Stripers have finished spawning and are now roaming the lake near the surface. Large schools of post-spawn fish are hungry and will strike viciously on artificial lures.

Cast Pencil Poppers and big Chugbugs on the shallow banks early in the mornings.

After the topwater bite fades, switch to 1oz white glo Sassy Shad jigs or live shad if you must. Work the jigs on main lake ledges to 30’ depths. Drift or anchor with live shad on the same ledges.

Full limits of fish are now common. May is an exciting month on Texoma!

Lake Texoma Striper Guide Bill Carey provides personal, up-to-the-minute Lake Texoma Fishing Reports. Click Here to Call Bill Now!

  • Bank Access: Platter Flats , Washita Point
  • Hotspot: The North End, Washita Point
  • GPS: N33.867867 W-96.694533 ; N33.92325 W-96.59
  • Best Baits: Pencil Poppers and Big ChugBugs for topwater action. Sassy Shad jigs for deeper fish. Live shad if you enjoy drowning bait.


Lake Texoma Fishing Report – April Begins Great Spring Fishing On Texoma

Bill Carey, Lake Texoma Striper Guide

Bill Carey, Lake Texoma Striper Guide

April is the beginning of the great spring fishing at Lake Texoma.

Large schools of stripers are roaming the lake. You can locate stripers on the flats, and main lake points in 5’ to 30’ depths.

Cast 3/4oz to 1oz Coho minnows and Sassy Shad jigs in white glo and Chartreuse colors.

Mid and late April, try casting topwater plugs and stick baits on the banks for great topwater action. You can land some egg-laden sows that will tip the scales at 20 lbs.


Lake Texoma Striper Guide Bill Carey provides personal, up-to-the-minute Lake Texoma Fishing Reports. Click Here to Call Bill Now!

  • Bank Access:  Roads End , Mill Creek Flats
  • Hotspot:  The Islands, Willafa Woods
  • GPS:  N32.8372 , W-96.742533  ;  N33.899933 , W-96.575967
  • Best Baits:  Coho minnows , Sassy Shad jigs


Lake Texoma Fishing Report March – White Bass Have Spawned and Stripers Are Staging

Bill Carey, Lake Texoma Striper Guide

Bill Carey, Lake Texoma Striper Guide

In March the white bass have already spawned and the stripers are staging up the main tributaries. Structure like main lake points, ditches and creeks will hold stripers.

1oz. RoadRunner and Sassy Shad jigs in white or chartreuse will work best. Fish the creeks in 12’ to 20’ of water with a slow retrieve for fish up to 20lbs.

Pay attention to the seagulls, they can be your best fish finder. When you are fishing under the birds keep your lure in the top 15’ of water.

Most activity will be west of the Willis bridge and north of the railroad bridge on the Washita arm of the lake.

  • Hotspot:  Paw Paw creek, Mill Creek cut
  • GPS:   N33.899867 ,  W-96.8966 ;   N33.829883 , W-96.7551
  • Best Baits:  RoadRunner and Sassy Shad jigs
  • Bank Access: Slickem Slough, Paw Paw Creek
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