Lake Texoma Fishing Report

Texoma Striper Fishing Fun – Just Me and Mom…

This is the type of striper fishing on lake texoma we strive to provide for every one of our charters. Just a couple of family members having a blast fishing, AND catching a couple of striper “hogs”.    Below is an excerpt from the complete article by Conor Harrison in the fishing news section of the Lone Star Outdoor News. Click to read the whole article An Afternoon On The Water With Mom

” Sunday afternoon I got to spend some time on Lake Texoma with one of my favorite fishing buddies — my mom.

An afternoon on the water with mom

Monday, 13 February 2012 10:48 Conor Harrison
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IMG 6018GOOD PAIR: My mom and I hold two nice stripers caught late Sunday afternoon on Lake Texoma. Photo by Conor Harrison, LSON.

Despite temperatures hovering around 40 degrees and a pretty good wind, we decided to head up from Dallas and meet guide Chris Carey from Striper Express Guide Service at the Mill Creek Marina.

By 2:30 p.m. we had lines in the water looking for big stripers as they schooled for an afternoon bite.

I got the action started with a small striper, followed by mom catching a pair of the biggest white bass I’ve ever seen — both around 18 inches and more than 2 pounds.

We were fishing with large jig heads and plastics, and Chris isn’t the kind of guide to sit patiently and wait for the fish to come to him. If the fish finder wasn’t marking fish and we weren’t getting bites, he was on the move — my kind of guide.

It wasn’t long before we noticed birds beginning to congregate along a rocky shoreline. Chris motored to a spot upwind from where the birds were dive-bombing into the water after baitfish pushed to the surface by hungry stripers below.

Working in depths between 45 and 15 feet, we had a nice run of big fish during the few hours before dark.

Mom with White Bass on Lake TexomaBIG WHITEY: Mom holds a monster white bass caught while striper fishing. The white was more than 18-inches long and over 2 pounds. Photo by Conor Harrison, LSON.

The fish didn’t stay schooled for very long, so we had to hunt them. We picked up one or two at almost every spot where Chris stopped.

Mom out-fished both boys in the boat, and it was fun to see her reaction when she first saw her first big striper surface on the end of her line. She hadn’t come prepared to catch a fish that big! We caught more than a dozen stripers between 25 and 28 inches. Those are the types of fish that Texoma is famous for.

There certainly are bigger fish in the lake, but for a day with tough conditions, the fishing was steady and fun.

By dark, we had caught several fish that reached 28 inches; they will be great to eat later this week.

Mom and I had a blast, and it was good to spend some time on the water with her. We don’t get to do it often enough these days.

Thanks again to Chris Carey for finding fish on a day with less than ideal conditions. If hunting for fish instead of dead-sticking with live bait is your kind of fishing, check him out at for a fun day.

IMG 6016
STRIPER ACTION: Conor Harrison holds a pair of big stripers that guide Chris Carey found in 45-feet of water.
Photo by Conor Harrison, LSON.Connect with Bill Carey on Google+

Lake Texoma Fishing Report – February 2012

lake texoma striper guide bill careyTexoma Striper Fishing Hotspot: Slickem Slough

Hotspot GPS:   N33.8559 , W-96.878167

Species: Striped bass

Best Striper Baits: Road Runner Jigs

Lake Texoma Striper Guide Bill Carey provides your personal, up-to-the-minute Lake Texoma Fishing Report. Click to Contact Striper Bill Now!

Striper Fishing Tips: Winter fishing on Lake Texoma is legendary. Chances of landing trophy stripers in February are in your favor.

Road Runner 1-ounce white Bucktail jigs with a 7-inch soft plastic worm are deadly on the big fish holding on structure.

Always keep your eyes on the seagulls. Cast your 1-ounce white-glo Sassy Shad jigs under the birds where large schools of stripers can be feeding. Multiple hook-ups are common with lots of action in the open water.

Bank Access: Bank Access:  Sand Point  N33.859083 , W-96.863717

Best Baits: Sassy Shad jigs

Texoma Striper Guide provides “The Best Day Ever!”

Catching a big Texoma striper is a dream for lots of fishermen…

…with a Texoma striper guide your dreams can be fulfilled!

Texoma Striper Guide, TJ and DL with 22lb January catch

TJ with 22lb January catch – by D. L. Landreneau

My name is DL and I’m an avid fisherman. I heard the striper bite was “on” at Lake Texoma. The winter striper fishing is known to be one of the best times to land a trophy striper. Some great fishing reports had been coming from Texoma striper guides StriperExpress, so I went to their website.

I found something different. Is this something new? They specialize in stalking stripers with artificial lures. I have been to Texoma a half-dozen times and caught a lot of fish. All the previous charters were “cookie cutter” live bait fishing trips. My curiosity was piqued. I contacted StriperExpress and booked a charter.

Professional Texoma striper guide Chris Carey was a pleasure to talk to. I heard passion and enthusiasm in his voice. He didn’t tell me how good he was, he gave all the credit to Lake Texoma. “Bringing your own rods, reels and a solid hook set are two things that let me know you are our kind of fisherman“, Carey stated.

I rounded up my fishing buddies, Matthew and his nine year old son TJ. Our charter started at 10:30 that morning. Now that’s cool, we didn’t have to wake up at 3:00 a.m. to make a sunrise start. The cold of the morning had warmed up to a clear fifty-seven degrees – perfect. The water temperature is cool in the winter and the stripers will bite all day.

We boarded and departed the dock and Chris took us to the back of the marina. After catching several stripers and a few magnum white bass for TJ’s benefit, Chris said “Lets go hawg hunting.” That was good orientation on how to work the five-inch Sassy Shad jigs.

Migrating onto the main lake, we picked up some good fish working points and other structure. The entire charter Chris engaged TJ, answering questions and giving the nine-year-old a lot of attention. Chris didn’t motor far from one hole to another, teaching us along the way. Little did we know, the glory hole was our next stop.

Chris positioned the boat where we would drift across a creek that was fourteen feet deep and twenty-four feet wide at the bottom. On my first cast I felt the striper strike and set the hook. My seven-foot medium rod bent and bent some more. The Penn Conquer reel was screaming as Chris tightened my drag. My rod bent so far it started making a cracking sound. I love to use light tackle, but I had to back off the drag with ten-pound braided line.

Immediately Chris knew this was a serious striper and it wasn’t going to be landed unless we went after the huge fish. We backed up and gained some line back, but it seemed like nothing was going to stop the fish. When I saw the spool on my reel was almost empty, we had to chase the fish again.

It was a great fight. When the fish was near the boat we still hadn’t seen it. Then she showed herself, rolled, and everyone gasped. Chris netted the fish and the seven minute fight was finally over. What a fish! Or should I say, what a beast! We weighed the striper and it was twenty-two plus pounds.

My adrenaline was rushing and the moment after the fight, I felt like I had been hit by a car! The lesson I learned that day was, the price you pay to fish with a guide is priceless when you have a big striper tugging on your line. It would have been hard to land a fish like this without Chris walking us through the steps and maneuvering the boat.

Fishing with my friend Matt and nine year old TJ is always a treat. When you add the winter beauty of Lake Texoma, numerous bald eagles and a professional Texoma striper guide, the only way to describe it would be to steal a line from TJ and call it “The best day ever.” Chris Carey began the charter as our striper fishing guide, and finished it as our striper fishing partner.

Winter fishing at Lake Texoma is great, but fishing with StriperExpress puts it way over the top!

D. L. Landreneau


Lake Texoma Fishing Report – Big Fish Month On Lake Texoma!

lake texoma striper guide bill careyTexoma Striper Fishing Hotspot: Paw Paw Creek and Willis Bridge

Hotspot GPS: N 33.899867 , W -96.8966

Species: Striped bass

Best Striper Baits: Road Runner and Sassy Shad jigs

Lake Texoma Striper Guide Bill Carey provides your personal, up-to-the-minute Lake Texoma Fishing Report. Click to Contact Striper Bill Now!

Striper Fishing Tips: January is a big fish month at Lake Texoma. The cool water winter fishing is legendary…

Large stripers up to 20+ pounds will hold on structure. The cooler the weather the better the fishing holds true for these fighting fish.

A 7-foot medium heavy Castaway Rod with 20-pound test is recommended. The 1-ounce Road Runner jigs with a white 7-inch worm will produce fish located on main lake points, the mouths of creeks and humps with deep water nearby. Bait fishing with live shad is also an excellent way to catch stripers.

Pay attention to the weather forecast and dress warm. Our charters depart at 11:00 a.m. in the winter. The fish will bite all day and the solar heat can help keep you warm. Keep your eyes on the seagulls; they can be your best fish locator.

Bank Access: The Oil Wells and Texas Flats (Using the same baits mentioned, shad will work best on the banks, tie on jigs if the seagulls are working near you.)
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Striper Fishing Lures Are Like Women and Toys

Many fishermen have tackle boxes containing hundreds of striper fishing lures. Seems excessive doesn’t it? I have to confess though, I’m one of those fishermen.  I’ve got so many  striper fishing lures I could even be accused of being a “lure-a-holic”.

As I’ve learned more about the feeding patterns of stripers and how they behave, the more I’ve understood which lures are best during the different seasons of the year – and why it is essential to have so many types of lures.

Lake Texoma Striper Fishing Lures

Lake Texoma Striper Fishing Lures

The seasonal habits of the striper and how they relate to underwater structure whether shallow, deep or suspended in the water column are important reasons to carry an arsenal of lures. Many fishermen have joked with their buddy when a particular lure is producing and you hear “I have one more but it will cost you a hundred dollars!”

Essential Lure Types
For striper fishing on Lake Texoma
there are four main types of striper fishing lures that are productive: fishing jigs, slabs, spinners, and topwater lures.

Fishing Jigs
Fishing jigs have lead heads weighing ½ to 1-ounce. Various shapes are used to allow a refined presentation. Some days stripers are feeding and other days you must trigger a strike.

The best technique is in the retrieve of the jig. When reeling with a steady retrieve isn’t working, use a erratic retrieve. Try an aggressive rip, rip and pause. Watch your professional fishermen and you can learn a valuable lesson.

Fishing jigs with a soft plastic 4-inch sassy shad, fluke tail or curly tail grub  can be used year-round. During the cold season, 1-ounce Road Runner buck tail jigs work best for catching  big fish. The best colors for Lake Texoma striper fishing are white and chartreuse.

Slabs are a painted lead spoon weighing from ¾ to 2 ½ ounces. You can cast slabs but your best technique is to fish them vertically.  The stripers will suspend in the water  and a slab allows you aggressively work the entire water column.

Striper are schooling fish and large groups of fish will react to other fish behavior.

The two best ways to fish a slab is to bump the bottom on flats and ledges, or, letting it fall and rip them up in deep water. When you are fishing a slab keep a tight line a stay in contact with the lure.

Slabs are a good simulation of a crippled bait fish and will produce strikes both on the fall and when reeling them up. The best colors for Texoma striper fishing are chrome, white, and chartreuse.

Spinners have blades that revolve around a wire shaft and a treble hook at the base.  Most spinners have skirts made from buck tail or rubber materials.  Though not as popular as they once were, spinners are a long time proven lure for all species of fish.They are fantastic for striped bass because the blade creates vibration and will produce a flash in the water enticing a strike.

Topwater Lures
Nothing is more exciting than a hungry striper exploding on a top-water fishing lure.  Top-water lures cause a striper to think bait is swimming across the surface, a motion that enrages the fish to vicious bites and extreme fights.

One day an excited fisherman asked me, “Why would you fish with any lure than a top-water?” Topwater lures are made of plastic or wood that floats and they are flicked or “popped” across the water’s surface.

Another technique is an erratic retrieve called “walking the dog”, a proven and exciting  type of fishing in the Spring, Summer and Fall seasons.

In the Spring the stripers follow the food forage into shallow and warmer water. Large schools of stripers during the Summer will surround bait and push them to the surface and produce fantastic sight fishing. On a calm morning you can see surfacing fish up to a mile away.

Top-water lures are my favorite artificial lure type for Texoma striper fishing – Pencil Poppers and Magnum Zara Spooks in blue, chrome, and shad colors work best.

Four Essential Lures
Slabs, Jigs, Spinners and Top-water – all four of these lure types are essential for your tackle box.

You should carry a variety of colors and sizes that allow you to fish all parts of the water column. These lures are necessary to effectively fish in a myriad of conditions and different times of year.

Nearly 200 million lures will be sold this year… and they all have to be stored somewhere, thankfully, there’s Plano Molding Fishing Products. Plano’s advanced tackle systems are Striper Express’ “go-to” tackle boxes. We all need a tackle box or 2 or 3 that will help protect, store and utilize our lure investment.

And remember that striper fishing lures are like women and toys

…the man who dies with the most, wins!

Take a look at this short video and you too can be a proud “lure-a-holic”.

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