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Lake Texoma Fishing Report – BIG Texoma Striper Fishing!

January is the best time for BIG Lake Texoma Striper Fishing. HOLY MOLY they are large!

The winter season has crept into the North Texas area a bit. Fortunately, the cooler temperatures in January have turned on the big fish bite.

The Lake Texoma Striper Fishing is year round and has been so good that the StriperExpress boats are catching some limits along with the bruisers. When I say bruisers I mean the knock-your-socks-of, hang-on-for-dear-life bruisers. Nothing better than finally exhaling after getting that dude into the boat… whew!

january best for big striped bass fishing

What a catch! Just one guided group this week!


How can this be?

Lake Texoma is a world class fishery for Striped Bass.  These Stripers are a cold water fish and they feed on shad even when the water temps are in the low 50 degrees. Adjustments are necessary and change occurs often so fishing daily keeps StriperExpress guide staff in touch and up to date.

Fishing Techniques Change in Winter – Catch HUGE Stripers at Texoma

Lake Texoma striper fishing is a little different in winter time. You have to present the lures to them slower now but they bite it just as well as they did in November. We have a saying if you’re reeling too slow, then slow down some more.

More large fish are caught in January – February – March than any other months of the year. Last Thursday one of our customers fishing in just 15’ of water near a windy point boated a 27.49 pounder and a 21.11 pounder Striper on lures. Both were caught in the same afternoon.

The limit at Lake Texoma is 10 fish per day per angler. Remember eight (8) of these Stripers have to be under 20” long (3-4lb striper) and that is the challenge – most all our stripers we catch now, and the next 30 days, will be over that 20” length by a lot!

We like this problem!

Beautiful winter day and beautiful big fish!

Wes McAllester from Dallas TX pictured with his 13 pound, 30” long monster.

Wes McAllester from Dallas TX pictured with his 13 pound, 30” long monster.

Stripers seem to want a lure presented with less motion in cooler water so the “fluke” minnow style baits work very well now. Drifting with the wind quietly over large schools of Stripers with these flukes is HOT this winter.

Wonderful Lake Texoma striper fishing is calling your name. Come experience the fantastic winter fishing. This is perfect for company trips, family and friends.

Come and get in on your HOLY MOLY BIG FISH adventure. We promise to send you home with a memory that will last a lifetime.


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