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Lake Texoma Striper Guide – Trina’s Striper Fishing Evening

ve wand texoma striper guide

Lake Texoma Striper Guide Dave Wand

Hi all,

After a long day working in the Striper Express office, Trina wanted an evening outdoors on the water.

So she asked me to go fishing. Well, I can’t refuse a fishing trip so off we went at 5:30pm to fish over by the islands.

Trina helps book a lot of Striper Express fishing trips each year so it was perfect that the “Striper Fishing Gods” rewarded her tonight!

The weather was warm, the sun bright but the south wind was a howling 20mph so we had to find a spot up shallow by the island which would have some active stripers.

We quickly found them and caught several small fish. Every 6 fish or so a nicer striper would hit and the spinning reel would sing out as these powerful, silver and black lined speed demons pulled her drag to the max.  Here are a few of her pictures from our short time on the water.

I had Trina fishing a Zoom “White Ice” colored 5” Swimming Fluke with a chartreuse colored dipped tail rigged on a 1/2oz saltwater jig casting a medium lite action Bass Spinning Rod and Reel.

Trina caught a bigger one soon thereafter!

And then a bigger striper hit right before sunset!

Trina has a great smile and she did a lot of that ….. catching 20+ stripers by dark!

By the way where did that 6 pack of Shiner Bock go?  LOL

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