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Lake Texoma Striper Guides – Favorite Lures

Lake Texoma Striper Guides – Favorite Lures

Bill Carey
Location: Lake Texoma, Texas
Credentials: Since 1983, Bill Carey has been guiding for, writing about, and hosting TV shows on the stripers of famed Lake Texoma. Carey’s outfit averages about 900 trips per year.
Number of years guiding: 30
Contact: (877) 786-4477;

Favorite Hardbait: Rat-L-Trap
Color: Chrome
Weight: 1 oz.
Details: “Striped bass have a very long lateral line that is designed to pick up vibration. Rat-L-Traps produce a lot of rhythm and sound that the fish home in on. When I retrieve a Rat-L-Trap, I’ll reel three cranks and quickly sweep the rod. After the sweep I pause and let the lure float up a little. Bam! There’s your strike.”


Cotton Cordell Pencil Popper - Chartreuse/White

Cordell Pencil Popper Chartreuse/White

Favorite Topwater: Cotton Cordell Pencil Popper
Color: Chartreuse/White
Size: 6 in.
Weight: 1 oz.
Details: “In Texas you can throw topwater for stripers eight months a year. These lures are loud and work well blind-casting against the banks early in the morning. If the action is furious and you’re releasing fish fast, you can also grab these lures without getting hooked because they’re so long and the first treble hook sits far back. I always tell my clients, when a fish takes a pencil down, don’t strike. Wait for the rod to load on it’s own. If you try to whack the fish, you’ll have a big lure with two big treble hooks flying at your head.”

Favorite Soft Plastic: Mister Twister Sassy Shad
Color: Luminescent
Size: 4 in.
Weight: ½ oz. jighead
Details: “I like these shads for the simple reason that our water is often off-color. White has great visibility and the kicking tail ups the vibration level. You always want to cast a shad into the wind to ensure it will reach your target depth. When you retrieve, you never want slack in the line. Always reel fast enough to keep contact. ”

Favorite Jig: Blakemore Roadrunner Bucktail
Color: White
Weight: 1 oz.
Details: “These jigs produce our biggest stripers that hold on deeper structure December through March. They’ve always been a favorite since you can reel steady or vertically jig them. I seem to catch even more stripers on these jigs if I tip them. Gizzard shad make up 92% of the stripers’ diet in Lake Texoma, so I’ll add a soft-plastic grub to these jigs in white with a chartreuse tail to match the forage colors.”


c) Zoom Swimmin’ Super Fluke in Disco Violet.

Zoom Super Flukes Disco Violet
Zoom Super Flukes Disco Violet

This is a “swimbait” type lure and provides a very different action in the water. The paddle tail on the end of this lure rocks the bait from side to side as you retrieve it slowly. This “fish like” swimming motion is more pronounced than the simple fluke style bait and is oftentimes what the BIG stripers are looking for to eat.

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