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Lake Texoma Fishing Report – August 2011

lake texoma striper guide bill careyStriper Fishing Hotspot:  Juniper Point East and The Islands

Hotspot GPS:  N33.864867  W-96.831383 —  N33.8372  W-96.742533

Species:  Striped bass

Best Striper Baits:  Topwaters and Sassy Shad jigs

Texoma Striper Guide Bill Carey provides your personal, up-to-the-minute Lake Texoma Fishing Report at no cost. To hear what Bigfish says Contact Bill Now!

Tips:  The big stripers  move onto the flats in August.

Early mornings cast Pencil Poppers and Chug Bugs on the shallow banks.

Mid morning, change your lures to Sassy Shad soft plastics.

Concentrate on the flats that run about twenty feet in depth. Locate the creek channel and drop offs, these are the routes the fish use to move up from deep water. Later in the month the seagulls arrive, pay close attention to the birds as they are the best fish finder.

Bank Access:  West Juniper Point and Mill Creek Flats

Lake Texoma Fishing Guides – Three Stories About Topwater Lure Fishing

 Lake Texoma Fishing Guide Bill CareyA legend among Lake Texoma Fishing Guides, Bill Carey shares three experiences about topwater lure striper fishing on Lake Texoma.

Fishing is in my blood. I like to fish. But, I LOVE topwater lure fishing for striped bass There is nothing more exciting than a hungry striped bass exploding on a topwater plug, nothing. Whether you are casting at the shallow banks or chasing schools of surfacing stripers, you have to ask yourself, is this heaven? I have been fishing and guiding since I was a young man and topwater lure striper fishing is my all-time favorite. What I enjoy most is sharing the experience with others. I am excited to have this opportunity to take you along with a few of my favorite topwater lure fishingadventures.

Like Batteries Dropped Out Of An Airplane

The sun was an orange glow on the eastern horizon when we left the marina. We ran up the lake and I started scanning the open waters for surfacing striped bass. Lake Texoma was calm that morning. You could easily spot surfacing stripers for a couple of miles.  I said “There they are, don’t point, we are in stealth mode.”  A school of stripers were ambushing shad on the surface. The fish were exceptionally large and from a mile away it looked like someone was dropping batteries out of an airplane.  I positioned the boat where the school of fish would move towards us.  Striped bass are a schooling fish and can run in large groups. It is not uncommon to have multiple hook-ups, and, after thirty minutes we had landed twenty stripers.  The largest of which would tip the scales at twenty pounds. Boy, I do love Lake Texoma


patriotic-striper-fishing-lureI Didn’t Think You Liked To Fish

The first time Tom went striper fishing on Lake Texomawith Striper Express was twenty-five years ago. I had to reschedule his charter twice due to some inclement weather. The day of his fishing trip the wind was gusting upwards of twenty miles an hour.  After a few miles I stopped the boat. While I was securing everything that had been tossed around, I spotted some seagulls flying in the back of a large creek. It looked inviting and was protected from the brutal wind. As we approached the birds I spotted a few swirls. We all cast our topwater plugs and four stripers blew up. “Fish on” I said as the drags were squealing along with the fishermen. I grabbed the dip net, netted the first fish and tossed it on the deck. Then the second, third and fourth stripers were landed back to back. They were all big fish weighing from ten to fifteen pounds. Tom looked at me and said, “you came highly recommended, but the way you kept canceling me, I didn’t think you liked to fish”.

Lake Texoma Fishing Guides Agree – The Strike Is The Thinglake texoma fishing guides prefer topwater lures

One April I had a pattern of topwater striped bass on the shallow banks. This is not your traditional surfacing action, we Lake Texoma fishing guidescall it “blind casting”. The stripers were feeding early in the mornings in two to four foot of water. Three of the four men on board had caught a couple of nice stripers. The fish were hungry and exploding on our plugs with a vengeance. I explained, “Any time your plug is in the water you are in the strike zone.” The odd man out was waiting for his luck to change. As he was raising his plug out of the water, a huge striper appeared from nowhere and inhaled his lure. The fish took off like a rocket. The drag on the reel was screaming and like a gun going off his line snapped. It happened so fast; even a seasoned pro would be lucky to land that fish. It was the biggest fish by far that morning. With his adrenaline rushing he jumped out of his seat and said “I have never seen anything like that in my life. That was awesome. The strike was so exciting why would anyone fish with a lure other than a topwater.”

Bill Carey has been fishing on Lake Texoma since 1977. In 1983, he began fishing professionally and started Striper Express Guide Service. Bill is a member of the Texas Outdoors Writers Association and writes the Lake Texoma monthly report in Texas Fish & Game and Texas Outdoors Journal magazines. A freelance photographer and writer, Bill Carey is on several Pro-staff teams and gives fishing seminars at trade shows and outdoor events.

Lake Texoma Fishing Report – June July 2010

lake texoma striper guide bill careyHotspot:  The North End

GPS Hotspot Location:  N33 52.072’ , W96 41.672’

Species:  Striped bass

Best Baits: Topwater plugs, slabs and jigs

 Texoma Striper Guide Bill Carey will provide your personal, up-to-the-minute Lake Texoma Fishing Report at no cost – Contact Bill Now!

Striper Fishing Tips:

The striped bass have finished their annual spawn. The fish are grouping up in large schools and roaming the lake in a feeding frenzy.

Early mornings, cast topwater plugs on shallow banks with deep-water near-by. There is nothing more exciting than having a big striper explode on your plug.

Mid mornings, tie on your 1.5-ounce chartreuse, chrome or white slabs. Locate your large schools in the river channels and main lake areas. Drop your slab and let it free-fall to the bottom and reel it up quickly. Stay in contact with your slab, they will hit it on the fall.

By mid month, look for the traditional surfacing top water action in the same areas.

Bank Access: Washita point and Texas Flats


Lake Texoma Fishing Report • July 2010

Location:  Lake Texoma

Hotspot:  Alberta Creek

GPS:  N33  57.542’ , W96  36.012’

Species:  Striped bass

Best Baits:  Topwaters and Slabs

Texoma Striper Guide Bill Carey will provide your personal, up-to-the-minute Lake Texoma Fishing Report at no cost – Contact Bill Now!

Striper Fishing Tips:  Top water fishing at its best!

Early morning, several large schools of stripers will surface around the lake. These schools of striped bass can be a mile long and a half-mile wide. Cast Pencil Popper Topwater plugs for great striper fishing action.

After the surface action ends, locate the schools of stripers with your electronics. Then, vertically drop slabs and use a fast retrieve. The fish will try to pull the rod out of your hands!

Bank Access:  Washita Point and Platter Flats

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Lake Texoma Fishing Report – February 2010

lake texoma striper guide bill careyHotspot:  Slickem Slough

GPS Hotspot Location:   N33.8559 , W-96.878167

Species:  Striped bass

Best Baits:  Road Runner Jigs

Texoma Striper Guide Bill Carey provides your personal, up-to-the-minute Lake Texoma Fishing Report at no cost. To hear what Bigfish says Contact Bill Now!


Tips:  Winter fishing on Lake Texoma is legendary. Chances of landing trophy stripers in February are in your favor.

Road Runner 1-ounce white Bucktail jigs with a 7-inch soft plastic worm are deadly on the big fish holding on structure.

Always keep your eyes on the seagulls. Cast your 1-ounce white-glo Sassy Shad jigs under the birds where large schools of stripers can be feeding. Multiple hook-ups are common with lots of action in the open water.

Bank Access:  Sand Point  N33.859083 , W-96.863717

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