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Texoma Striper Guide provides “The Best Day Ever!”

Catching a big Texoma striper is a dream for lots of fishermen…

…with a Texoma striper guide your dreams can be fulfilled!

Texoma Striper Guide, TJ and DL with 22lb January catch

TJ with 22lb January catch – by D. L. Landreneau

My name is DL and I’m an avid fisherman. I heard the striper bite was “on” at Lake Texoma. The winter striper fishing is known to be one of the best times to land a trophy striper. Some great fishing reports had been coming from Texoma striper guides StriperExpress, so I went to their website.

I found something different. Is this something new? They specialize in stalking stripers with artificial lures. I have been to Texoma a half-dozen times and caught a lot of fish. All the previous charters were “cookie cutter” live bait fishing trips. My curiosity was piqued. I contacted StriperExpress and booked a charter.

Professional Texoma striper guide Chris Carey was a pleasure to talk to. I heard passion and enthusiasm in his voice. He didn’t tell me how good he was, he gave all the credit to Lake Texoma. “Bringing your own rods, reels and a solid hook set are two things that let me know you are our kind of fisherman“, Carey stated.

I rounded up my fishing buddies, Matthew and his nine year old son TJ. Our charter started at 10:30 that morning. Now that’s cool, we didn’t have to wake up at 3:00 a.m. to make a sunrise start. The cold of the morning had warmed up to a clear fifty-seven degrees – perfect. The water temperature is cool in the winter and the stripers will bite all day.

We boarded and departed the dock and Chris took us to the back of the marina. After catching several stripers and a few magnum white bass for TJ’s benefit, Chris said “Lets go hawg hunting.” That was good orientation on how to work the five-inch Sassy Shad jigs.

Migrating onto the main lake, we picked up some good fish working points and other structure. The entire charter Chris engaged TJ, answering questions and giving the nine-year-old a lot of attention. Chris didn’t motor far from one hole to another, teaching us along the way. Little did we know, the glory hole was our next stop.

Chris positioned the boat where we would drift across a creek that was fourteen feet deep and twenty-four feet wide at the bottom. On my first cast I felt the striper strike and set the hook. My seven-foot medium rod bent and bent some more. The Penn Conquer reel was screaming as Chris tightened my drag. My rod bent so far it started making a cracking sound. I love to use light tackle, but I had to back off the drag with ten-pound braided line.

Immediately Chris knew this was a serious striper and it wasn’t going to be landed unless we went after the huge fish. We backed up and gained some line back, but it seemed like nothing was going to stop the fish. When I saw the spool on my reel was almost empty, we had to chase the fish again.

It was a great fight. When the fish was near the boat we still hadn’t seen it. Then she showed herself, rolled, and everyone gasped. Chris netted the fish and the seven minute fight was finally over. What a fish! Or should I say, what a beast! We weighed the striper and it was twenty-two plus pounds.

My adrenaline was rushing and the moment after the fight, I felt like I had been hit by a car! The lesson I learned that day was, the price you pay to fish with a guide is priceless when you have a big striper tugging on your line. It would have been hard to land a fish like this without Chris walking us through the steps and maneuvering the boat.

Fishing with my friend Matt and nine year old TJ is always a treat. When you add the winter beauty of Lake Texoma, numerous bald eagles and a professional Texoma striper guide, the only way to describe it would be to steal a line from TJ and call it “The best day ever.” Chris Carey began the charter as our striper fishing guide, and finished it as our striper fishing partner.

Winter fishing at Lake Texoma is great, but fishing with StriperExpress puts it way over the top!

D. L. Landreneau


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