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Trophy Stripers On the Bite at Texoma

Lubbock Fisherman Strikes First
Fishing buddies David Walker, of Lubbock, and Larry Murphey, from Spearman TX, had two days to remember on a recent “big fish” trip. They landed back-to-back 25+ pound stripers in the same hole on two separate fishing days — unheard of for the most part in wintertime fishing.

“It’s been unreal, it’s just unbelievable. We’d see a 20-pounder every now and then, but nothing like this,” said guide Chris Carey.


David Walker from Lubbock (left) gets an assist showing-off his “personal best” 28.6lb. Lake Texoma striped bass.

Walker hooked into a large fish in “Daddy’s Hole,” a spot located where Big Mineral Creek joins the Red River. The fish dove deep down into the submerged river channel when Walker hooked into the monster. Walker fought and reeled in the big fish while the boat was being carefully backed-down to ease the heavy pressure the striper was putting on the line.  Finally the 28.6-pounder finally tired out and was netted into the boat. Walker caught the fish on a ½-oz. white RoadRunner Buck-tail jig tipped with a 7-inch white soft plastic worm.

“It’s almost impossible to describe how intense this battle was. Stripers are known to be the strongest fighting fish among fresh water species, and this one was particularly feisty” said Carey.

Panhandle Angler Gets His Trophy
Day two of the trip Larrey Murphey, along with Walker and guide Chris Carey, returned to try nailing another trophy fish. On a hunch Captain Carey placed the anglers over the submerged Red River bed near the creek junction. Today it was Murphey who got the lucky strike, hooking a nearly identical 25-pound striper. “These fish pull so hard my arms were sore” said Murphey after the ordeal.

These two will have plenty to talk about as they head west after a memorable trip at Lake Texoma.

Striper Express owner Bill Carey said, “this type of success has been a long-time coming. The Great Recession reduced the number of anglers on Texoma for 3-4 years. This let a 10-lb class of fish grow so they are now 15 to 20-pounders. The lake is staged to have a several-year run of trophy fish,” he said.

We are proud to have been a part of Larry and David’s
Lake Texoma striper fishing experience.
When can we book your trip? – Bill Carey

(903) 786-4477

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