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Lake Texoma Fishing Report – First-Timer Hooks A Monster

Lake Texoma Fishing Guides Report

Noel Hooks (yep, that really is his name) went striper fishing on Lake Texoma for the first time. His Lake Texoma Fishing Report in his words follows:

It was an experience of a lifetime. The first time I went striper fishing, I caught the biggest fish of my life.

We departed at 6:00 am and Capt. Chris Carey put us on the stripers at our first stop. We were dropping slabs to the bottom and reeling up fast. They call this technique “ripping slabs”.

We had great action and were catching a striper every few minutes. Capt. Chris experimented with a different retrieve technique and caught 3 stripers on as many retrieves. He instructed us to “drop your slab and on the retrieve reel twice and twitch the slab”. It was amazing how well this worked.

We were catching stripers left and right – double and triple hook ups. The rods were bending and our lines crossing each other. The striper fishing was insane!

We had about 25 stripers in the boat weighing up to 9 pounds when it happened.

I dropped my slab and had a little backlash. After peeling off the overrun of line I reeled tight and thought I was hung up on the bottom. My rod bent and the reel drag was screaming.

We all knew this was a big fish. After 10 minutes I managed to fight the fish to the side of the boat.  It seemed the monster looked straight at me then made another run to the bottom.

It was a huge blue catfish!

noel-hooks-76lb-monster-catfish-400x267The battle between me and this fish was epic. We were in forty feet of water and this fish did all he wanted to do. With all the pulling and reeling the monster back from the depths – it was all I could do to fight him back to the side of the boat.

We all saw its beautiful color as the catfish swam around the boat. Captain Chris had to net the fish as I was worn out and couldn’t last much longer. I sat down and my fishing partner said that it was a sixteen minute fight.

We had landed the monster catfish!

I Was Beat

“Hold that fish so I can take a picture” said Captain Chris. I couldn’t do it. My arms were worn out. We both noticed the hook was bent at a 45®̊angle. I was very lucky to land this fish.

I’m 53 years old and I’ll never forget that day! My catfish was 49 inches long and its girth was 39 inches. It weighed 76.5 pounds. This was an experience of a lifetime!

I will never, ever forget that day. Thank you Striper Express.

A word from our Captain Chris Carey
As a fisherman and writer I have to say it’s a pleasure to have anglers that have fishing passion like Noel Hooks. When I hear, “It’s a day I’ll never forget” this is gratifying as a professional fishing guide because that’s what it’s all about! Noel Hooks can write a Lake Texoma fishing report for us anytime. – Chris Carey

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