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Lake Texoma Fishing Report – The Topwater Bite Is ON!

Lake Texoma Topwater striper fishing is legendary.
In the summer months, you depart at dawn and head up the lake. It’s not calm for long. Your heart starts racing in anticipation of hunting those mean and hungry striped bass.

Get ready, it’s show time.


All Heck Breaks Loose

The stripers are waking up, they push the shad to the surface and a feeding frenzy begins. Hundreds of striped bass are splashing and thrashing on the water’s surface. You cast your Topwater plug, twitch and reel, hold on…These aggressive fish can’t refuse your offering.

“The catching was fast and furious with triple hook-ups. At one time we had so many fish being caught, it looked like Asian carp had invaded Lake Texoma”! said Aaron Zetterower from Dallas, TX.

This is total chaos!

Here’s a few Fishermen’s stories in their own words. “Man, it was unreal! Multiple hookups, truly a phenomenon. This was total chaos. And wow this was my first time striper fishing!” Ryan Robertson, Edmond, OK.

“I am a customer for life, the Lake Texoma striper fishing gave me that once in a lifetime thrill. It leaves you with the desire for wanting more. I think I’ll quit my job and move to Lake Texoma!” Nick Portrey, San Antonio, TX.

“Unbelievable, we hit 5 schools of Topwater striper in different areas. I caught 9 fish in a row and 2 were over 10 pounds. THIS IS EXTREME FISHING”! David Ross, Greenville, SC.

“The most amazing display of fishing I have ever seen” said Lucas Evanko from Dallas, TX.dave wand two texoma striper fish


Earn your stripes

Lake Texoma is a world class fishing destination. This wonderful lake may have the highest angler success of any lake in the U.S. Anglers of all ages and genders enjoy fishing for Lake Texoma’s legendary striped bass.

Earn your “stripes” with a Lake Texoma fishing adventure of your own…

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