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Lake Texoma Striper Guide – MARCH Striper Fishing MADNESS

FROM: Dave Wand, Lake Texoma Striper Guide

The size of striped bass in freshwater fishing lakes goes in cycles year to year. Since November the Striper Express Guide Staff¬† have caught and released 100’s of Big Stripers over 10 lbs! Best overall winter fishing ever!

Lake Texoma boasts the nation’s most generous daily limit of 10 stripers per angler, only 2 of which may be over 20″ long. Most of these 10 pound+ fish we Catch, Photograph & Release (CPR) as a result – great news for our upcoming spawning season.


lake texoma fishing

Randy Parks from Carrollton Tx with 14lb 14oz Texoma striper. CP Released

Techniques and fishing equipment we use here on Texoma are very similar to those used to find and catch Largemouth Bass in warmer months.

We focus our winter lure fishing efforts on rocky and sandy points, creek arm channel ledges, mid-lake humps and shallow ditches; these yield bigger stripers every day.

Like up North our water temps stayed down in the high 30’s most of January and February then rose slowly to the current main lake temps of 46 degrees.

Due to the colder water the lake has lost a significant percentage of the Threadfin Shad population while Gizzard Shad have survived nicely.

With the loss of some shad stripers have been even more susceptible to our “shad-like” lures as our huge catch results indicate.

Best Big Striper Lures

White Blakemore Road Runner jig tipped with a 7″ curly white worm trailer.

White Blakemore Road Runner wi White Curly Worm recommended by Lake Texoma striper guides STRIPER EXPRESS Guide Service

White Blakemore Road Runner wi White Curly Worm

We use the Blakemore Road Runner jigs during the winter months on shallow banks with lots of stumps as the lure looks like a big slow moving shad.

The shad come to the stumps to feed on the algae growing on them.

The BIG Stripers come to these stump fields to feed on BIG Shad!

Road Runner jigs give us a “big shad silhouette” that huge Stripers love to eat.

1/2oz jig with a Zoom White Ice colored Super Fluke.

ZOOM Swimmin Super Fluke Ice White recommended by Striper Express Guide Service

ZOOM Swimmin Super Fluke Ice White

The Zoom Super Fluke (White Ice) is a different lure style and provides a more subtle and simple “shad looking” bait to the Striper. Works best in colder water conditions when the shad are slow and lethargic.

I like this bait best on bright sunny days as it has metal fleck inside the lure and this reflects the sunlight similar to that of a natural shad.

Will these same lures catch Hybrid Stripers in Midwest Lakes?  Heck yes!

Here are some recent pictures from my March Striper Express charters. Enjoy the eye candy!


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